Cancer Treatments

Oncology and Cancer Therapy in Turkey
As you know, cancer in general means that some cells or tissues grow faster and more than they should, spread to places where they should not be, and thus threaten health by disrupting the functions of organs. Oncology is the medical discipline that struggles with this condition. The increase in cancer cases over the years has made it one of the focal points of the medical world.
Many studies are carried out on this subject, new technologies are produced, and different treatment methods are put into practice. Turkey is one of the countries where the fight against cancer is done most successfully. Doctors who apply and recommend new techniques by working in integration with the whole world; trained nurses who provide the best continuity of treatment; specialized personnel who provide quality and fast assistance in non-medical services such as translation, transfer, accommodation; new health facilities built at international standards in recent years; Cancer is eliminated in cooperation with the most modern medical devices for which a lot of investment is made.
Cancer treatment is a multidisciplinary process, that is, it requires the cooperation of different branches and doctors. At the same time, it requires an individual treatment strategy, that is, it requires that each patient be handled individually according to their genetic, chronic, physiological characteristics and diseases. This is one of the facts behind the success of Turkish doctors in cancer therapy.
Cancer Fighting Methods
Nuclear Medicine: the use of various nuclear agents in the diagnosis and follow-up of cancer foci While methods such as Pet-CT are used to obtain sensitive results in cancer screening in the whole body, methods such as radioactive iodine therapy are used to obtain palliative responses such as cure and reduction of pain.
Radiation Therapy: destroying cancerous cells by means of rays
With technologies such as TrueBeam STx and Elekta Versa Signuture HD, it is now possible to focus more on cancerous cells with less impact on healthy tissues, so there are better results and fewer side effects.
Interventional Radiology: Reaching and cleaning cancerous cells with various methods under local anesthesia Implementation of focused treatment with techniques such as percutaneous ablation, cryoablation, microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, intra-arterial chemotherapy, radioembolization, chemoembolization, chemosaturation.
Medical Oncology: curing the effects of cancer with general care, treatment and controls
USA. and making medical applications by adapting the international treatment protocols in line with the European treatment guidelines to the individual situation of each patient.
Oncological Surgery: diagnosis and treatment with tumor biopsies and various special surgical procedures
Preserving healthy tissues and organs with minimally invasive surgical methods, and cleaning the cancer foci using laparoscopic and/or robotic methods if necessary.
Chemotherapy: acting on cancerous tissues with different pharmacological agents
Methods based on regression and/or destruction of tumor tissues by injecting chemical compounds specially produced for different cancer types into the body.
Immunotherapy: supporting the body in the fight against cancer by strengthening the immune system,
Treatment applications that improve the cells and mechanisms that fight them, not directly on cancer cells, with the help of drugs developed in the laboratory.
Targeted Therapy: regressing cancer by preventing cell growth and spread.
Pediatric Hemato-Oncology
Gene Therapy
Hormonal Therapy
Radio Therapy
Image/Image Guided Radiotherapy
Intense Modulated Radiation Therapy
Photodynamic Therapy

Types of Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Bone Cancer
Brain Cancer
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Colon cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Gastric cancer
Kidney Cancer
Liver Cancer
Lung cancer
Metastatic Cancer
Oral Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Prostate cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Skin cancer
Testicular Cancer
Throat Cancer
Uterine cancer
Thyroid Cancer