Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that aims to change the shape of the nose. This type of surgery can be done over a certain age. This surgery is performed after the age of 16 for girls and after the age of 18 for boys. It is a surgery that can be preferred in cases of a aquiline nose, low nasal tip, curvature of the nose, asymmetry in the nose, and width of the nasal tip. When there are problems with breathing, procedures to open the breath can be added during rhinoplasty surgery.
The problem that concerns many appearances in the nose can be corrected with aesthetic interventions. Some patients complain about the size of their nose, and some patients may complain about the small size of their nose. With the simulation picture studies, what changes should be made can be determined. as usual, when analyzing the nose, its relationship with the other features of the face is checked. The condition of the chin, the condition of the forehead, other features of the face and the shape of the nose within this facial structure are discussed and changes are planned. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that the nose is not a standard operation, but an operation that should be specially designed for each person.
When planning aesthetic nose surgeries for men, different dimensions, angles and dimensions should be evaluated compared to women. Surgical techniques, in which the tip of the nose, which attracts attention, is lifted too much, is not preferred for men. More natural results are targeted for men. It is aimed to make the nose bridge flatter and the angle between the nose and the lip to be around ninety degrees. A nose that is obviously made for men is usually a nuisance. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the planning of nose surgery in men requires much more specific and finer details. Of course, in all this planning, it is essential to reveal the problems and solve those problems. But we should also state that more natural results are aimed when performing nose surgery on men.
There are some restrictions, especially in the first days after nose surgery. There are issues to be considered in the late period as well. In the early stages, blood thinners should not be taken, they can lead to bleeding. It is useful to rest in the first days. It is useful to apply cold. These help reduce swelling and bruising that may occur after surgery. In the long term, the most important issue is not to be exposed to a significant trauma in the first months. A trauma to the nose before the healing is complete can cause a curvature or some problems with the given shape. It is also beneficial to stay away from applications such as sauna, solarium, steam bath for the first 6-8 weeks. These are the restrictions that prevent the nose from swelling too much. In the long term, a person who has had nose surgery in the future is no different from any other person. They can easily do all kinds of sports or physical activities.
All over the world, when the patient is re-evaluated at the end of the first year after rhinoplasty, 5% revision is considered an acceptable limit. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to try to keep this rate higher. Minor revisions are called relatively minor revisions, raising the tip of the nose a little more, thinning the tip of the nose, and removing a slight nasal ridge irregularity and may need to be done in a small proportion of patients, no matter how careful you are. The important thing is not to encounter a very important problem in the nose, which we call major revision. Thats why, the first operation must be planned very carefully and in detail, and the surgical application must be carried out meticulously.
The above-mentioned details and information have been shared with you, our valued readers, as preliminary medical information. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide professional support for this type of surgery, where there are many variables. We are ready to serve you with the pride of being able to offer a clean surgical environment, experienced surgeon, pre- and post-operative medical consultancy support.