Stomach Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy(gastric sleeve)
Is a surgical weight-loss procedure. The procedure is typically performed laparoscopically with multiple small incisions in the upper of abdomen.Nearly 80% of the stomach is removed,and leaving a tube-shaped stomach .It prompts hormonally changes and that assist with weight loss. The hormonally changes help relieve conditions associated with being overweight, such as high blood pressure or heart disease,too.
Who is suitable for ?
If you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or more or BMI of 35 with other diseases (type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, which can be improved with weight loss), tried exercise,diet and medications to lose weight for at last six months and it has not worked.
Gastric bypass
Is a malabsorptive and restrictive surgical procedure for weight loss.. It works in two ways.Firstly ,the result is a small upper stomach pouch and a lower stomach pouch that is no longer needed. This effectively shrinks your stomach so that you can ingest small amounts of food.Secondly,the food you eat bypasses most of your stomach (the unused lower part of your old stomach) and the small intestine, so the food you eat is not completely digested. There are four different procedures for gastric sleeve: • Gastric Bypass • Mini-Gastric Bypass or Omega-Bypass • Biliopancreatic Diversion • Duodenal-Switch
Who is suitable for ?
If you have a BMI(Body Mass Index) of 40 or more or have severe physical deficiencies.
Gastric Balloon
As called intragastric balloon insertion is different from other weight loss/obesity surgeries because patients do not need general anesthesia. This is an endoscopic procedure only takes about 40 minutes and than outpatient follow up ( patients can leave the hospital still the same day). It takes up space in the stomach and you feel full fastly and need to eat more less. When you eat less, you will lose weight but it will not help if you eat softer foods or high-calorie drinks. For eliminating any health risks, it will be removed after 3 to 6 months from our specialist.
Who is suitable for?
If you have a BMI of 27-35 and need to lose weight before any surgery, including weight loss surgeries, it will reduce risk of surgeries and if you are looking for a non-surgical weight loss method,it wil be right.
Gastric Botox
application is botox injection with safety, quickly and low to no complication rates. It is minimally invasive method and takes around 20-30 minutes under sedation( not general anesthesia). Botulinum toxin is injected in special parts of stomach and paralyzes nerves and muscles of the stomach. After procedure, gastric emptying is delayed and patients feel full for a long period.It will be possible to lose weight upto 15-20 kg within 4-8 months period.
Who is suitable for?
If you want to lose 10-15 kg for a short period,it will be right.(You do not have obesity)