Ozone Treatment

What is Ozone treatment?

When ozone gas comes into contact with a live organism, it is turned into molecular oxygen and oxygen radicals rapidly. This oxidative stress inducing reaction is seen as a threat by the organisms. As a result, the enzymes called antioxidants that take part in the defense mechanism are stimulated and the affected area is cleared from toxins by making the area rich in oxygen. For the mechanism of the ozone gas to work properly it is crucial that the dose of the treatment to be applied is calculated properly. All treatment attempts involving this chemical molecule which becomes toxic in high concentrations must be carried out under professional supervision and patients must be observed closely during the designated period.

How is the ozone treatment done?

When preparing for the method of treatment, the disorder of the patient, the severity of the disorder, other possible accompanying disorder and many other factors are taken into consideration. Systematic application is usually preferred to treat circulation system disorders, angiopathy related to diabetes, acute or chronic viral infection cases, health problems related to the repression of the immune system, musculoskeletal system diseases with chronic inflammation and rheumatological diseases. Method called major autohemotherapy is the most preferred systematic application method, however depending on the aforementioned factors systematic treatments such as minor autohemotherapy, rectal insufflation, direct intra arterial and direct intravenous could also be preferred. During the application of the major autohemotherapy, 50 - 100 ml of blood sample is taken from the patient and this blood is enriched with ozone outside of the body. Then, protected with special systems, blood is given back to the patient in an appropriate speed. Because the blood and the ozone come into contact outside of the body, this method is considered to be the least risky method. There are also treatment methods where the ozone gas is applied to muscles, rectum, bladder, vagina, skin and many other tissues of the body.

Ozone Theraphy

  • Strenghtens the immune system
  • Directly effective against infections
  • Improves mitochondria functions
  • Increases the blood transfer to the tissues
  • Effective against depression and anxiety disorder
  • Strengthens the neurological functions and memory
  • Effective against joint and muscle pain
  • Reduces tumor hypoxia
  • Encourages blood, lymph and liver detoxification