Breast Lifting

What is breast lifting surgery?

Normally breasts are positioned between the 2nd and 4th ribs in the frontal side of the body. Breasts, starting from the inside at sternum bone’s lateral, exceed the frontal armpit line a finger’s size. Underside of the breasts should be around a finger’s size. Nipples should face a little outwards and straight ahead. If the underside of the breasts measure more than 1 cm and if the nipples do not face straight ahead but face downwards, breasts can be considered to be sagging (ptosis). To restore the breasts to their former appearance is called breast lifting surgery.

What is the reason of saggy breasts?

The most common cause is sagging related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Weight loss and elastic skin can also cause sagging.

What techniques are used in breast lifting surgery?

Breast lifting surgery is done with a couple of techniques. Depending on the severity, while for some patients a small operation around the nipples is sufficient, for others the lifting is achieved through excision of the skin under the breasts.