What is Botox?

NBotox (botulinum toxin), is a toxin made from a bacteria called clostridium botulinum. It shows its effect by stopping the connection between the nerves and the organs by preventing the release of substances that provide connection between nerve ends. Prevention of nerve connections causes the target organ that it communicates with to slow down or completely stop its functions. It can be used for esthetic and cosmetic purposes for preventing or reducing the wrinkles on the face that are caused by the movements of the face muscles and for reducing sweating in an area with excessive sweating and for treating chronic migraine.

What is Botox used for?

Wrinkle treatment With years of movement, face muscles make the lines of the skin that covers them visible and consequently, dynamic lines on the face start appearing. The most common of these dynamic lines are seen on the forehead, between eyebrows, around the eyes and around the lips. The lines on the forehead and eyes cause the individual to look older, the lines between the eyebrows cause the individual to look moody or angry. By applying Botox to face muscles the movement of them can be weakened, the reduced movement prevents the skin on top to form lines which are caused by the muscle movement. This way, a visible improvement from the old, angry look is achieved.
Reconstructing the face BWith Botox injections, eyebrows can be lifted up from the edges and the middle of the eyebrows can be lowered to prevent the confused look it causes when it is raised. The upper gums showing when laughing causes an unesthetic look. With Botox injections this can be improved easily. Masseter Hypertrophy: Different to the other procedures, application of Botox to masseter muscles is not for the wrinkles, it is to prevent the square face look which is especially seen in people with visible masseter hypertrophy and achieving an oval face. This way a more thin and feminine look is achieved.
Excessive sweating treatment Botox, when applied to sweat glands, prevents the communication between the nerve ends and the glands and lowers the activity of the glands. The places that sweat the most in the body are the palms and the armpit. By applying Botox to the sweaty areas of people who have disturbances with excessive sweating and the consequent smell, their worries about sweating and smell can be overcome. Before the application, a test is done to detect the areas with excessive sweating, and the results can last for 6 months.
Migraine treatment Botox application is made with thin needles to 31 injection points in 7 areas of the neck and the head. The treatment is planned differently for every patient, and it consists of at least 2 treatment periods with 12 week breaks. In some cases, repeating the injections is necessary for the treatment to be effective, in others the treatment can last for a couple of years. With a professional neurologist’s opinion, additional doses can be injected depending on the aching areas and the migraine can be taken under control successfully.

How is Botox done?

Botox is injected and it is not a painful procedure, a slight pain can only be felt during the injection. To prevent the movements of the face muscles it is injected inside the muscles, to reduce sweating it is injected under the skin. Botox’s effect starts 3 - 4 days after the injection and it settles in its first week, the duration of the effect is 4 - 6 months. Botox can be reinjected once it loses its effect. Botox has no serious consequences to health. Botox can cause temporary swelling, temporary bruising and rarely temporary ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid). Patients can go back to their daily life right after the procedure. But they should avoid movements that require leaning forward for a long time and moving their face muscles. Also, after the Botox injection, head must be kept above the body for approximately four hours, patients should avoid leaning forward and patients should not lie down. Eight hours after the Botox injection, patients can wash their face with warm water without causing any damage to the skin by avoiding the usage of a bath glove or applying excessive pressure. (?) While washing the face usage of warm water should be avoided. (?) As an effective method of making the face younger, Botox must be injected by professional physicians with sufficient education and enough knowledge of the face anatomy to avoid possible complications and to achieve the desired results.

Can Botox be injected during pregnancy?

It is unknown whether Botox has a harmful effect during pregnancy and nursing period. For this reason, it is advised that Botox is not injected during pregnancy and nursing, also Botox shouldn’t be injected to patients who have a neuromuscular system disorder.