Hair Transplant

What is the FUE?
Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) and is the most known and common method of hair transplantation in which the roots of the patient's own hair are transplanted. Patient’s hair at the back of his/her head is used, as it cannot fall out again . FUE hair transplantation is generally an outpatient procedure that can take up to max eight hours, depending on the size of the affected area.
How is the FUE?
Firstly the patient gets anesthetized by local anesthesia. the hair roots are getting removed by special micro devices and getting ready by seperation to simply grafts for the transplantation. Attention and hygiene is highly important.
Why is the FUE?
FUE is whihout painful and aftereffects,it is comfortible for both gender.It has not application of scalpels,visible scars and sewing.It is fast because of short healing process.
Before and after the FUE
Application of FUE requires the shaving of hairs to 1 mm size. This is very important, because of removaling of hair roots under local anesthesia needs a clear view.The specialists need a clear view and appropriate circumstances for a perfect transplantation.After the FUE you can leave the clinic and you do not have to use a bandage .You can eat and drink what you want. Our doctor provide you with the necessary informations for the first day after the FUE. After48 hours you can wash the treated areas with a special shampoo.