Breast Enlargement

What is breast enlargement surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery is a surgery done to achieve a better fitting look for people with small breasts in accordance with the body shape.

What is the reason for having small breasts?

Breasts may have a naturally small structure or get smaller overtime. The most common cause is the prior. Other reasons may include pregnancy and nursing, weight lost and various systematic diseases. You can contact us regarding breast enlargement operations in Antalya.

Is having small breasts a disorder?

Certainly not. If there is weight loss related to the any of the mentioned diseases, loss of fat tissue in every area of the body as well as breasts will occur, and breasts will get smaller. However, only breasts being small is not a sign of a disease. Having small breasts will not prevent you from having a breast enlargement surgery.

What techniques are used in breast enlargement surgeries?

Breast enlargement surgeries use filling or implants. Filling involves injecting fat or tissue-like liquids, that are particularly made for this surgery, to the breasts. In fat graft injection technique, fat from the patient’s body is used. If the body does not have enough fat or if the patient does not want to go with this technique, hyaluronic acid-based tissue-like liquid that will not disturb the body are used. The most preferred method to enlarge breasts around the world is the implanting method. Silicone implants are compatible with the body and can stay in the body during the patient’s lifetime. The side effects of the silicone implants are as little as none.